Designed for low-rise villas (up to 5 floors). Can be installed in a Masonry shaft or a steel structure with Glass or ACP enclosure.

  • Vectr Hydro

    Are you looking for a solution that fits in where there is no provision for headroom and pit?

    Then Vectr Hydro is the ideal solution. This home lifts has state of the art technology and gives outstanding user experience Technically it speeds up at 0.6m/s and is fitted with a premium high quality hydraulic kit. It also has a motor that delivers an exceptionally superior ride quality and very efficient energy consumption. It is a truly delightful product to the customer owing to its superior performance Our customer’s testimonials have proven that Canopus Home Lifts are best home elevators in Hyderabad. They are reliable with very low vibration and noise. These best home elevators in Hyderabad are creating better transport experiences.

  • Vectr MRL

    Are you looking at an economical domestic elevator Manufacturer for Homes?

    Then Vectr MRL is your solution Its gearless motors are an ideal solution for homes It can speed upto 1 m/s with a very low energy consumption. Also the superior ride quality that this product offers is matchless.The customer truly benefits from this cost effective solution both in terms of maintenance and energy consumption. We evolved to be the best domestic elevators in Hyderabad that delivers highest responsiveness to customers and creates customer experiences of next level. It is also highly operationally efficient and ensures seamless experience for the users. Canopus is the name for the best home elevators in Hyderabad.

  • Vectr MRL-X

    Are you looking for a home elevator that occupies minimal headroom?

    Vectr MRL-X is your solution. It combines the features of both MRL and hydraulic elevators whose outcome is this balanced product Its designed on a cantilever frame – occupies minimal headroom and a low pit of 700mm It speeds upto 0.3 m/s. , and offers an amazing ride quality. Not just operational efficiency but these lifts are also known for improved comfort and convenience. These efficient hydraulic home lifts based in Hyderabad even enhance the property value and hence have the fastest brand recall as the Best Home lifts in Hyderabad.

  • Vectr LUX

    This is a Luxury elevator service from Cynosure custom made to match your requirements Beginning from material, design and specifications – this elevator is a solution made to perfectly fit the available space. The intricate cabin design along with outstanding ride quality ensures your elevator experience is at its best. Our outstanding market research coupled with a strong inhouse technical team churns out the best lifts for passengers looking for modernity and Luxury. Not just luxury but with an added feature of safety for users. These are the best home lifts in Hyderabad creating a comfortable and stylish experience for the users

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